Whether or not you agree with the idea that Management Consultants are eating the lunch of Agencies, thanks to the evolution of Marketing, the role of technology and the mandate of the modern CMO, the collision course of these two industries is front and center.

Avi Dan published a great article within the Forbes CMO network that highlights the race to the middle between Management Consultants trying to “increase their Creative Quotient” and Agencies who don’t appear to be investing enough in the corresponding “increase in their Business Quotient”.  

While I agree that Management Consultants appear to be moving faster on the necessary investments, I believe agencies are making moves but need to do more, faster.   

I’m not sure why Avi didn’t mention moves such as Maurice Levy’s restructuring of Publicis into 4 main hubs to deliver transformation capabilities at scale as evidence of how seriously some agencies are taking this race to the middle, but I think he did a phenomenal job framing the situation.

A couple key takeaways:

  • Main driver is CEO expectations of modern Fortune 1000 CMO’s and corresponding role of CMO in allocating technology investments
    • Performance, accountability, sales/marketing alignment, Technology to unlock true potential of Creativity etc
  • Competing on Consumer Experience is the future of Marketing and the corresponding capabilities internally and of partners (Consultants + Agencies) are mission critical
    • UX understood as a top priority across all touch points requiring multi-disciplinary strategy leadership

Last but certainly not least, we've recognized the collision course and built "Socrates" to deliver on the promise of integrated marketing communications through an approach that enables our clients to rapid-prototype 45-day creative executions to "test + learn."  

Multi-disciplinary led, each execution creates a data set that informs the next execution to get more intelligent about audience behaviors - increasing alignment between Marketing and Sales while de-risking multi-channel campaigns.  

“Smarter, faster, cheaper” meets “Signal vs. Noise” type stuff.  

So far so good.

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