Adobe Summit 2017 painted a very clear picture that on Wall Street, there is a significant gap developing between those that "have" vs those that "have not" yet made a significant commitment to Digital Transformation.

Without a doubt, those that "have" were illustrating not just their results but their going forward scaling efforts as they "lean into" their success and start scaling against their operating results/data sets.

In fairness, I didn't get to go to nearly as many panels as I would have liked to but between Morgan Stanley, Vanguard and MetLife, their resident rockstars were laying out their blueprints and needless to say, there were copious notes being taken and a whole lot of pictures being snapped of each and every one of their slides by the audiences that couldn't get enough of their results...coupled with the numerous conversations I had at our booth with players in both camps (they will remain nameless of course), I saw and heard enough!

Repeating myself because that's what I do ;) but as you can see in the link to a quick video of you know who below, the companies that are winning are winning at the expense of their competition.

No surprise there but the challenges/opportunities associated with the "culture change", "inertia" and the overarching challenges associated with big companies driving Innovation in general can't be underestimated...

Speaking of Innovation, more on "Digital Product Innovation" next week but for now, please enjoy the quick video below as well as a lightweight insights document I've posted on SlideShare that can be found here which provides highlights/insights/quotes.

Have an awesome weekend!

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